Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. The girls got their back to school haircuts yesterday. Both girls decided to get two inches taken off. Thankfully it was enough to get the green out of Amelia's hair.

2. Drew is now sleeping in his big boy bed in his big boy room. With his big brother. That's a lot of big. And that means we're officially finished with the crib.

3. On the very first night in his big bed, I heard Will say "Drewby get back in your bed now. You aren't allowed to get out of your bed and run around." He is such a good big brother.

4. I have slowly been weaning myself off of Diet Mt Dew for almost three weeks now. I got it down to one soda a day, at dinner and it started keeping me awake at night. So for the past five days I have only had water to drink. NOTHING but water. This is huge for me. I love Diet Mt Dew..

5. I am really hoping these kids learn to sleep through the night again sometime soon. I like sleep. I like getting around 7-8 hours of sleep but definitely 6 hours uninterupted. I do not like wiping bottoms in the middle of the night. Especially when I'm not drinking any caffeine.

6. Sammy is finally back from the beach. I thought she moved there forever.. This is what Will told me this week. Will will be extra happy to see his Sammy this week. It's a good day when Sammy and Christina come over, I tell ya.

7. I have a slight obsession with Pinterest. If you haven't checked it out and you aren't on it, you need to. It is fabulous and I can't get enough of it. And no, it is not like facebook..

8. We have chosen Isabella's first day of school outfit. If you know Isabella, this is a big deal. We shall see if this is in fact what she actually wears to school.

9. Isabella asked me this week if she is actually attending school on the first day like everyone else or if she has to wait until the second. She also asked if I was absolutely positive that Mrs. H wasn't moving up to teach first grade with her. I wish!!

10. We enjoyed a lovely summer of Mother's Morning Out at church. Thank you to all involved in this program and for taking care of my children. On the last day I enjoyed eight hours to myself - went shopping, had lunch and laughed with my friend! It was fabulous!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. There is nothing sweeter than hearing "I love you" in the softest little voice by my now two year old boy Drew.

2. Ahh, Drew is two. How in the world did that happen? I'm still kind of on the fence about it honestly..

3. In all seriousness I am not one of those "Let's be 25 forever" kind of girls. But but I kind of think of myself as 25 because that's when I got married and started having kids. Rapidly. Except now I'm actually not close to 25 anymore.. I'm 25 plus seven. And let's be serious it stinks to be in the 25 plus seven box..

4. School starts in three weeks. I know it will be a little sad but I am ready for some structure to come back into our lives. I am also ready for Jason to not be in class 4 nights a week.

5. Jason finally received his RFO and is awaiting actual orders. A huge sigh of relief. We will begin shipping some household goods as soon as his orders are received.

6. Mr. Leith has arrived back in town for the next month to attend school. He is a fan favorite with my kids and the only thing that would make them happier is if he was staying with us or if his entire family was moving here.

7. Nene, Poppy and Granny surprised us with a visit for Drew's 2nd Birthday! The kids were excited to see them and spend the weekend with them.

8. We have been working on writing with Will. He really get very frustrated with the W and sits and pouts about it. He repeatedly asks me to help him which really means he wants me to do it for him. I just wish he could write already :)

9. Yesterday we went swimming at the wilderness pool aka our neighborhood pool. Seeing as I'm such a wilderness girl, it's perfect. Last year, I had to chase a huge skink lizard out and this year we've had frogs and worms in the water. So there I am standing in the water with the girls and what comes running in towards us? A huge squirrel. Seriously?

10. I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not but at the beginning of the summer I bought Will a brand new orange bathing suit with dinosaurs on it. Super cute. I was sure it would be his absolute favorite because it is orange. Every single day I get the suit down for him to wear and he refuses. He asks for the blue suit or the turtle. Finally he says, I can't wear the dinosaur suit Mama. Dinosaurs have sharp teeth. They are scary. That bathing suit scares me. I can't wear it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday was Independence Day..my absolute favorite holiday besides Christmas. I hope that you stopped to remember the soldiers who have fought and those that continue to fight to keep our country free.

2. We went over to our neighbors house for some fireworks and sparklers. Will was waving around his old fashioned enormous sparkler like a wand and one of the girls said touch my head like the Fairy Godmother does. Will replied, I can't. I'll catch your hair on fire.

3. Amelia did twirl and wave her sparkler around like the Fairy Godmother and the tip went flying off right into the grass, setting it on fire. Bella did the same thing and sent sparks flying into the "audience"..

4. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I walk in the morning with my neighbor Heather at 5:30. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do not get a hug first thing in the morning when the girls come running down the stairs to see me. I stink and need a shower. They blow me a kiss and tell me they'll hug me later.

5. Amelia announced this week that it is time for us to have another baby. I said we can't have anymore babies. She looked at me rather puzzled and said just go to the doctor and pick one up..

6. Amelia was practicing writing her letters and a few words yesterday. She wrote several letters and then looked up at me and said how do I write "LMNToe-P"

7. I have never seen two girls fight over a boy like my girls fight over Drew. All I can say is I hope that some day they don't happen to actually like the same boy when they are older because we will be in trouble..if this is how they argue over their brother.

8. I am starting the search for Beyonce's brother. Except I want Beyonce's brother to be ENORMOUS and paint him to look like Kiss. Maybe 10 feet tall not five. I am going to name him Gene Simmons and plant him outside the office of my most special friend. 15 years is big metal chickens don't ya know.

9. Amelia has been swimming so much this summer that her hair has turned green. It happens to everyone but was honestly a first for us. We're treating with a special shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray..

10. A surprise visit next week from Nene, Poppy and Granny Willy.. The kids don't know but Will is going to be surprised when Nene shows up for dinner on Thursday night for Drew's birthday cake.