Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

What a busy weekend. Saturday was the annual Fall Festival at our church. We have been attending for three years now and this was the biggest that it has ever been. They were expecting 300 people to attend and they're now estimating between 600-800 were there. It was crowded to say the least but a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed dressing up in their costumes two nights in a row, playing games, seeing their church friends and getting even more candy.

Tonight we had trick or treat. One of Will's little friends came over and walked around with us. He enjoyed having her with him and kept saying "Come on Addinison" (when he says it Addison somehow sounds more like cinnimon.) Either way after almost two hours ten little legs were tired of walking, bags were stuffed and we decided to call it a night. Happy Halloween from the Cat, Cowboy, Ladybuy, Cow and our friend Princess Presto!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

glitter anyone?

Isabella went to a rockstar birthday party over the weekend for one of her great friends. I mentioned it previously in one of my ToT posts. "It was the party that she was waiting her whole life for. Seriously she would be devastated if she missed it." Who talks like this when your almost 6 is all I want to know.
The gals met up at the Party Palace (the actual name) and got to choose any costume they wanted for the party. There were over a hundred to pick from. They had their hair fixed, makeup done, nails painted and oh yes, I almost forgot, glitter applied to every attachable body surface. Then they went to stage where they could watch themselves on a large television or in the full panel mirrors, all the while dancing away and singing their hearts out. It probably is every girls dream. Cake was served with actual stemware dusted with red crystals at the top and sprite. Bella was in heaven.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Will and Amelia made a visit to the pumpkin patch with Nene last week. Amelia chose a white pumpkin and Will picked one with bumps. They also picked a white gord that looks exactly like a swan for their big sis.

2. I don't think we're going to make it to the huge pumpkin farm for our annual adventure this year. I just don't think I can walk around for that long quite yet. I'm disappointed to miss out on the "how tall this fall pictures".

3. We continue to lock ourselves in or get locked in to the childproofed rooms. We are s.m.a.r.t at this house.

4. One of my favorite babysitters called me this week to interview me for a school project. The one qualification: I'm in my 30s. I'm not just 30. I'm in them. It reminded me of when I was in my early 20s and had two very good friends that were 31 and 32. I thought that was SO old. I'd like to retract and previous statements made against 30 year old-age.

5. My girls have jumped on the Auburn bandwagon. You have got to be kidding me?!

6. Sunday was theme night at church. Amelia was supposed to be a farmer and dressed up like a cowboy. Bella was a superhero. I'm not really up to date on current super heros and we don't own a single costume. At the last minute I pulled together a cat-woman costume and was pretty proud of my creativity. Bella was so impressed that she's now decided she wants to be a cat for Halloween. I need to take my creativity down a notch.

7. Today is Cowboy day at school. I think I need to send Will to school with a disclaimer. I'm sure he's going to "shoot em up" and decide some of the other cowboys are Indians and tackle them. Great day to be a two year old teacher!

8. Yesterday was a our first day back to normal. Other than bedtime, it went pretty good. I'll be so relieved and happy when I can lift again.

9. Jason and I are attending an adults only Halloween party next weekend. Jason is not very crafty or creative with costumes so this should be interesting. I always regret my costume choices. If I dress up as a funny character people are barely dressed up. If I show up in a lame costume, people go all out. We're going middle of the road this year.

10. The girls and I are heading to Nashville with our favorite redheads to see the Rockettes. I used to want to be a Rockette and I can't wait to finally see them in person!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We are now a completely childproofed house again. Immediately after the bedroom door lock was installed Drew decided he would show us a thing or two about childproofing. He decided to shut the door with Jason, my mom and myself in the bedroom. We couldn't get out. Granny couldn't hear us knocking on the door. We yelled and knocked for the girls and they couldn't "break us free". Finally Jason found a pocket knife and used that. I see myself climbing out my bedroom window so the girls can let me in the front door one of these days. Super.

2. It is no secret that Drew loves to suck his thumb. He especially likes to suck his thumb with some of my mother's knitting yarn. Jason decided to use one of said pieces to tied the fireplace doors together so Drew couldn't open them. I looked up from the couch and their is Drew, head up against the glass, sucking his thumb holding on to the very small piece of ribbon tied to the door.

3. Bella is the fly killer at our house. She can't stand them and it becomes her mission to get rid of the fly. She waits for it and then somehow swats and kills it with her bare hands. It's amazing.

4. We have a little soccer player on our hands. She has scored at least one goal every game this season and this week she scored two. On the way home from the game she said, I really like soccer and I'm actually pretty good at it. We'll work on modesty next..

5. Halloween is just around the corner. I'm proud to say that all costumes are purchased or recycled in the Ross house and we're ready to go.

6. I began Christmas shopping while I was in the hospital. What else was I going to do? I bought the gifts from my parents last week and just need to order ours now. Amelia will be excited to see more of the QPS man at our house.

7. Pinkalicious anyone? I think everyone in our house has officially read Pinkalicious more than once. Gran (as Amelia only calls her) has read it so many times that she made my mom take her to the bookstore to buy Amelia some new books. And every day she tells Amelia I'm only reading Pinkalicious one time today, so you pick the time. Any other book she'll read anytime.

8. Will missed his friend so much last week that he sang an entire song with only one word..Chloe.

9. We had a lazy fall break. Most of our friends were off at the beach at some time or another. The only thing exciting around here is Will can now pee standing up. It's a big accomplishment that he announces after every trip to the bathroom. I know deep down you're all extremely jealous. I'm sure his teachers will be super excited to hear the good news tomorrow ;)

10. Bella has an exciting social calendar with birthday parties this fall. Sadly they all have all coincided with soccer games. She and her good friend have been talking about the party palace for months. (I'm totally serious.) The invitation arrives for the party and she immediately started getting upset thinking she was going to miss it too. We're letting her skip this one game for the party. I can't believe I'm doing it but at 6 I don't want her resenting soccer, something she really enjoys, because it makes her miss out on everything else.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the pumpkin patch

Today was Bella's class trip to the pumpkin patch. She went last year with her preschool class and we go every year as a family. She was even more excited to go this year with her kindergarten class. She was SUPER excited to ride the bus there and that her Dad was meeting her there. Her exact words this morning "This is the best day ever Mama." The pumpkin patch is an actual working farm in our area. The kids took a tour of the farm and saw all the little critters, rode out into the fields and picked their very own pumpkins. You can pick whatever pumpkin you want but YOU have to be able to carry it yourself. They also have a maize, corn cribs, tunnels and all sorts of other fun activities that the kids love. I can't wait to take our entire family in a few weeks!

Ten on Tuesday

1. Oh dear. I spent the better part of last week drugged. Let me just say that I am too type A to be under the influence of drugs. Even prescription pain medications that I'm supposed to be taking. The entire time I was in the hospital the pain medicine they had me on wasn't really working. They decided to put me on not one but two pain medications. At the same time. Then I was nauseous from the dual medication.

2. Bring on the visitors. If you came to see me while I was in the hospital or called, I'm sure you were in for a real treat. My mouth was like the Sahara and I couldn't talk without constantly eating ice. The nurses told me no one ate more ice chips than I did. I ate so many of them that they didn't come into my room without a gallon bag of ice chips. I also couldn't form the basis of a sentence if my life depended on it. By the end of the second day, eyes watering, vision blurry, I took to just nodding my head and trying, like my life depended on it, to follow the conversation.

3. At this point, you're probably thinking why was I seeing visitors when clearly I should be scheduling an interview with a producer for Intervention. And WHERE was my common sense husband and why was he allowing people past the door? Home. Sick. He left the hospital throwing up as soon as I got into my permanent room. He doesn't remember driving home and passed out for hours once he was there. Monday might be one of the all time worst days ever. If I could fully remember how terrible it was.

4. My fantastic brother and sister in law sent me beautiful flowers. As your brother pointed out, you are one flower arrangement away from being tied with him for "total number of flowers sent during our relationship". My lovely mother and father in law have bi-passed my husband in the flower department. (I think they're up by 3). It is a long standing joke that within a meek of meeting Jason, he told me he doesn't send flowers. Joey doesn't share food. Jason doesn't send flowers. Same, same.

5. A little piece of advice to all my smart-phone loving friends. Back that thing up on your computer. Frequently. My phone is my life. Every single event, contact, email, birthday, appointment. Whatever, whoever, wherever is in my phone. And it erased on Monday. Completely erased and I was sobbing hysterically. I took a major hit to my body and my phone erased. Monday = worst day ever.

6. Another piece of advice..if you don't remember someone's password don't try to hack into their phone. It will erase. It's apparently a security feature set up by the genius's in charge at the cell phone company. The owner of that phone will probably act like a crazy person when they find out you erased their phone.

7. Amelia decided to give herself a mini hair cut last week. NOOOOOOOO. This is one of my worst nightmares come true. Thankfully it wasn't too bad (you can't really even see it) and I think my mom scared the daylights out of her enough that she won't be doing it again anytime soon.

8. Will had a fantastic time at the birthday party this weekend. I posted a few pictures below. He told me when he grows up he is going to marry Chloe AND Addison. Great, the new star of Sister Wives 2030.

9. Drew loves Granny. There is nothing sweeter than seeing baby boy walk up to my 80 year old grandmother and flap his arms and yammer away because he wants her to pick him up. It makes my heart smile every time.

10. Voluntold..the act of telling someone else you have volunteered them for a certain activity without asking them. Bella had an apple activity at school and I I wasn't able to make it. I immediately responded to the email volunteering Jason. I knew Bella would be ecstatic. The kids were were going to taste four different kinds of apples and apple cider. They also learned about the oxidation process when you cut an apple open. Bella really liked apple cider and enjoyed having her Daddy help out.

11. Wow, I must have a lot to say this week :) Nene went and had lunch with Bella last week. Bella loves having someone come and eat lunch with her. If you visit on a weekday, be prepared for the delicious, quiet lunch invitation from your favorite almost six year old. And ninety-five of other kindergarteners..

Monday, October 4, 2010

recent pictures

A few pictures of the birthday party. Amelia and one of the big girls she looks up to.

Will's best friends, the birthday girls. He tells me every single day how much he loves them.

Drew absolutely loves playing in the cabinets.

Drew's first haircut

a few pictures from Women of Faith. We went with a group of 22 and there were 18,000 women there.