Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a must read..

So I didn't write this and it does have some swearing if you are easily offended it may not be for you. But this is seriously the funniest story I have read in awhile.. I literally was crying and laughing out loud when I read it..



Ten on Tuesday

1. I believe this is my third ToT post that I will speak of Jason's job.. Still no news..myabe we'll hear the final word that they told us we would hear at the end of May by the end of July. The longer this crap..and yes, it is total crap..goes on the more furious I become.

2. I think the only person that could maybe be more furious about this job situation than the soldier is the soldier's wife. And when my kids are four weeks into not seeing their daddy and crying their eyes out?
Mr Assignments Officer, responsible for all the crying? I'll be calling you with the crying kids.

3. And don't you think for a second I won't.

4. Drew has decided that his oldest sister's name is Belga. He yells up the stairs "Time to eat Belga." or "Read me a book Belga".

5. Belga isn't so sure about her new name and wants to know how long he plans on calling her this..

6. This week I told Will I loved him and he said..I love you to Mama but just so you know I am marrying Sammy. I love her.

7. This week Jason explained to Bella that when he was little he used to hang his clothing outside on a clothes line to dry. She looked at him really confused and said, Was the dryer not invented yet?

8. Amelia has made a new friend at the swimming pool. A little kindergarten boy from our neighborhood that she calls her boy. Tonight at dinner she said, I have two boys now. Jack and Lee.
I said you have a lot of friends. She looked at me funny and said, Jack and Lee are not my friends they are my boys.

10. We are almost at the end of summer dance. The girls have really enjoyed themselves and are learning a lot each week. I really need to work on my bun technique..it is sad.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Jason reached fifteen years of service on June 1st. I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished along this long selfless road..

2. 1820 days until retirement. After the weekend and week that we have had, it can't come soon enough. We will have one more PCS after this and then it's peace-out..

3. Still waiting on final word on where Jason is going. Again. I will go on record as saying the assignments guy - especially one that's been on the job for two weeks- is my least favorite guy in the army..

4. I hope that all the Dads out there had a Happy Father's Day.. We spent Sunday at church and later the best Daddy in the world took his favorite kids to the swimming pool..

5. In honor of Father's Day I didn't want to disappoint my own Father and decided that Ten on Tuesday better actually show up on Tuesday this week when the World's Greatest Dad likes to read it. Happy Fathers Day Poppy, we love and miss you!!

6. We have been swimming every day since last Monday. Will actually puts his face under water now and is working on opening his eyes. Drew can blow bubbles in the water and Amelia now has the confidence to swim across the pool completely by herself. She could alawys swim but just wasn't so sure about herself.

7. Bella has been reading Junie B. Jones every day this summer. She is now reading "quietly in her head" some days which makes me laugh to myself.

8. Yesterday I asked Will what he would like for breakfast and he replied, Nene..I miss her. Not pancakes or eggs for Will. Nene.

9. Drew is slowly but surely talking more. Last night he said "Bella read me." and handed her a book.

10. Drew is also the only one of our kids that is brave enough (or crazy enough) to sneak my Diet Mt Dew at the swimming pool. It is in a cup with a straw and he likes to sip away. The other kids have never liked anything with carbonation..Drew could care less as long as it comes with a straw!

Monday, June 13, 2011


You looked so little when I dropped you off on your first day of school. It was really the second and you being you were a little annoyed that the boys got to attend school and meet your teacher before you did.. Patience was something that I new you would learn in a class this big and you did as well as a six year old can. I'm so proud of you and all that you accomplished.
Your teacher had curly hair and you were really excited about that. I was excited that she treated you like a little person, responsible for your own actions. You needed to be able to do certain things for yourself and you were responsible for your behavior. No one was more upset than you on the few days you had to move to yellow.. It was like the world had ended and in all honesty I wanted you to think it had. You are responsible for your own actions.
The best teachers teach from the heart, not the book. And that was never more apparent than after April 27th. While she taught you to read and write and count higher, you learned a invaluable lesson about life from Mrs H.
One that I hope that you will always remember. I know that your Daddy and I will.
We are so proud of you and we love you.


Vacation Bible School or VBS or The Big Apple Adventure was this past week.

The kids loved going every single day. Every day they got up before me and were ready to go before me. They were excited and ecstatic and couldn't wait to get there. They loved the worship rally, snacks, crafts and hearing about Jesus..
On Friday night the girls cried because they weren't going back to VBS on Saturday. On Saturday they cried because it wasn't Sunday and they weren't going to church.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Sammy the superstar babysat last week. Oh do these kids love their Sammy. She plays with them and lets them have popcorn and oreos for a snack.

2. We have seen and played with Miss Sammy and Mr Nate at the pool almost every day since Tuesday. Will thinks thats just about the best thing since Christmas.

3. Will loves Sammy so much that today he said, Mama please go somewhere so my Sammy can come over.

4. This morning when I was putting on applying my make-up powder Will asked "Why are you putting that dirt on your face when you always wipe the dirt off of my face?"

5. Amelia has been carrying her lunch to VBS in differnt lunch box than normal. Apparently her good friend Molly has been eye-balling the new bag and came home and told her mom about the special brown paper bag, with Amelia's name on it that she gets to throw away every day after they eat.

6. Will's class talked a lot about Jesus at VBS. They went around the classroom and church looking for pictures of Him.
Will's teacher told me Will kept asking when Jesus was going to get there. He was waiting for him to walk through the door.

7. Bella misses her friends at school and Mrs. H. I knew it wouldn't be long. Homework in the summer is "boring" and "she's not learning anything."

8. Will has decided 5:30 is his new time to get up in the moring. He comes downstairs and jumps on Jason's chest and announces, "the sun is shining, the sun is up. It's time to get up."
I hope he is ready in about 12-14 years because this is going to come back to haunt him..

9. Amelia has some new green earrings that she isn't allergic to. We put them in without incident and so far so good. If you are thinking of piercing gold is the only way to go.

10. We ended the week just like we began on Monday, listening to our VBS cd. There is a certain agreed upon order of songs from the kids and we must en with "Yes to VBS" cranked up as soon as we begin to turn on the church road.
Today I started my turn and didn't immediately change the song. I hear Bella say, We're turning. We're turning, turn it up please Mama. We need to sing yes to VBS as loud as we can. We need to really be ready for VBS on our last day."

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dance recital pictures

So proud of my girls!! Thanks to Grami, Nene, Poppy and Granny for coming to see the girls dance.