Saturday, December 27, 2008

sweet little Amelia

Today is my little Amelia's 2nd Birthday. I know everyone says this but time really has flown by. Amelia, to me at least, seems so much older than two years old and many days I have to remind myself that I am speaking to someone that is still in their terrible twos. She grew up so much faster than Bella. Maybe because she has a big sister that she is always trying to keep up with. Maybe because she has a little brother she is always trying to mother.

This year was a big year for Amelia..

You gave up your beloved "Binky" cold turkey in May. This was a MAJOR accomplishment.

As soon as said Binky went away, you started talking in sentences. It is so much easier for all of us to communicate rather than try to decipher grunting and pointing.

You are the most patient with your brother and sister.

You are the most impatient with Mommy. You want what you want, now.

You are the biggest helper and love to clean up toys and help set the table. I only hope this continues in your teenage years.

You give the best hugs. The wrap your arms around our neck and squeeze kind that I love.

You are always worried about your brother and sister. Anytime anyone gets a shot, you whimper along with them in sympathy. If someone is hurt, you are always there to check on them.

You are super independent and your favorite thing to say is "me do it"

You are finally saying "Melia" sometimes when people ask you what your name is, instead of "Sissy".

We love you and wish you a Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

family photos

We had family pictures and Bella's 4 year old and Amelia's 2 year old pictures taken at the end of September. Here are a few for you to see. A big thank you to Simplicity by Christy for allowing me to share these with all of you!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

weekend recap

This weekend was a busy one for all of us. Jason took the kids to Target Saturday during the middle of a monsoon for an adventure. The girls absolutely love Target and usually ask to go there at least once a week. They easily identify the red bullet from the car and can aimlessly wonder the aisles for hours. Saturday night our friends Mr Paul and Miss Kathy came over for dinner and a fantastic visit. "Grandpa" Baker gave many airplane rides and tickled until I didn't think the kids could laugh anymore. We love our Alabama Bakers..who also happen to hail from the great state of Ohio. Go Bucks!

On Sunday, I had the best wake up call ever from one of my oldest friends Sheri. She delivered a healthy baby girl, Addison Marie, five weeks early. I am so happy for their family and can't wait to see Miss Addison in person very soon. We then loaded everyone up and drove to Nashville for a day of shopping and dinner out with Miss Jenny, one of my high school friends. Bella adores Miss Jenny and would not leave her alone at dinner. Thankfully Miss Jenny is fantastic with children and tolerated all the touching with a smile.

Our adventure will continue tomorrow with another trip to the pediatrician. (I think this is our 7th in six weeks.) While I am not a doctor, I am willing to bet anything Will's double ear infection from two weeks ago is back. He is still crankier than usual, falling all over the place and won't keep his hands off or out of his ears. Hopefully I'm wrong but I don't think so.

Lastly, we are counting down the few remaining days til Christmas and the girls lists continue to grow each day:) Little do they know Santa finished his shopping in October and now he needs to get a move on with the wrapping.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Here are a few pictures from Tumblebeez. Parent week was this week and I could go in and take a few pictures. Bella is turning into a pretty good gymnast and can do several somersaults in a row. Amelia can hardly wait to start her own class this summer. I was allowed to let her play during class and she did the balance courses and tried to do a flip on the bar. Only a few more months to wait.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Nutcracker

Today Jason took Bella to see The Nutcracker for the first time. She loved it and even got to eat popcorn while watching the ballet. Since they came home, Bella has been talking about Clara and the Nutcracker and someday wants to dance on a big stage like that herself. She is even excited about going to sleep so she can listen to her Nutcracker cd..a first! I can't wait until both of the girls are old enough to go. Here are a few pictures I took before they left.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

gingerbread house

Tonight before we settled down to watch the Christmas shows on TV we built our annual Gingerbread house. This was the first year Amelia was able to participate in actually decorating and she loved it. Will was pretty anxious to get in on the fun or food, and kept pointing at the candy. He is pretty spoiled by his big sisters and they were more than happy to sneak him some.

after the walls caved in

Friday, December 12, 2008

snow day..

Today we were on a two hour delay from school for snow. We had this horrible snow storm moving through last night and by 7PM they had delayed school for today. The girls were all excited to wake up and see some snow.

This is the scene from my front door this morning..

not a flurry or icicle in sight.

Jason and I laugh every winter about the mass hysteria that snow brings in the South. Jason lived in Fort Drum for several years where I swear it's winter 9 months out of the year and you are in snow up to your eyeballs. I remember winters where my dad had to shovel his way out of the driveway just so he could go to work. In both places there was always one key factor present for a snow day...actual snow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas program at preschool

This morning we had Bella's Christmas program at preschool. Amelia, Will and I met Bella at school for the program and lunch afterwards. Daddy is pretty disappointed he is out of town and made me promise to take pictures and videos. The videos were taken from my camera so they aren't the best. (We have a fantastic video camera but for some reason can no longer download the videos. I'm working on it.) Please excuse the whining in the background and my annoying laugh.

Bella (in her handmade reindeer shirt) and her teacher Ms. Brandy

Monday, December 8, 2008

visitors week at dance class

Last night was visitors week at dance class and everyone is invited in to watch the class. Class is usually closed so I was really excited to see Bella dance and see what she is actually learning :) They have already started learning their recital routine and I taped a short video.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

photos with Santa

Every year we have taken the kids to get their picture taken with Santa. I am pretty picky about picture Santa and usually scout out all the malls for the perfect Mr. Claus. We load everyone up and wait in line for what seems like hours at the mall only to have our very calm children start screaming like banshees at the mere sight of the man in red. We can't even walk by mall Santa without whining. The past two years I have been less than thrilled to appear in the picture myself, with Bella practically in a head lock. This year Santa made an appearance when we had Christmas card pictures taken and Will and Amelia clung to Jason for dear life. Bella allowed Santa to come near but would not even crack a smile. This year we asked the girls if they wanted to go see Santa and have their picture taken with him and tell him what they want for Christmas. They do not. Bella decided she would just write him a letter.
2nd Christmas

3rd Christmas, pregnant with Amelia

who doesn't want to have their picture taken a week after giving birth, I look like I weigh 400 pounds. Will, always the cool cucumber, slept through the commotion

imagine my surprise when this came home from preschool. And she is actually smiling!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

the baby plan

Before Will was born I found a fantastic photographer ,
Simplicity by Christy, and signed him up for a Baby Plan. I did not do this with either of the girls and feel like I (and they) really missed out.

On the baby plan, Will got his pictures taken at one week old(he pooped and peed on me on me and peed all over my great-grandmother's antique rocker), 4 months, 6 months (he hopped like a frog all over the place) and one year (he wanted to sit when we wanted him to stand and vice verse and he was more interested in beating on the paper than posing for a picture). I usually spend these sessions hopping like a frog myself and everyone is making any noise possible to get Will's attention. There have been many times I wonder if Christy was able to get just one good shot. She is amazing and very patient and somehow always manages to capture the perfect image that shows his personality.

as soon as we got home

pictures of Will

a few pictures of our Mr Will from the party..

will and his new firetruck

modeling an outfit for his one year pictures

Thursday, December 4, 2008

check ups

Today we took Isabella and William to the doctor for their 4 and 1 year old check ups. I usually brave the pediatrician's office alone but this morning Jason went to work late so he could help out. I knew beforehand both children would be receiving several shots and I just didn't want to deal with three crying children by myself. Amelia is a sympathy crier and even a good day doesn't need much of a reason to whine.
Will has been pretty fussy lately and not sleeping through the night. Pure exhaustion for everyone. We were all at the doctor several weeks ago with some type of lingering virus and the doctor told me to let it run its course. Will and Amelia were the only ones eventually not put on antibiotics and unfortunately Will's has now turned in to a double ear infection and bronchitis. At least this explains all the whining and late-night parties we've been having for the past few weeks. We were given two different prescriptions and have a follow up appointment next week for the 1 year shots.
Isabella wasn't so lucky and received 4 shots today. She was pretty hysterical about the idea of the shots but didn't fuss too much at the actual administering. She was begging to take a nap when we got home, already has a fever and complained her legs hurt. I hope the motrin does the trick.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Will

Today is Will's very first birthday. This year has totally flown by. Will is such a special little guy and we continue to be amazed by him daily. We love you so much and are so blessed to have you.

William thank you for being so easy-going. You cried for over an hour straight when you were born. I remember thinking will he ever be quiet? A nurse told me you were getting it out of your system and would probably be calm after that. She was right!

Thank you for being so happy all the time. It brightens my day to see smiles constantly on your face. I am in love with your dimple and love that we see it so often.

Thank you for waking up every morning in a happy mood.

Thank you for being a good eater..it makes life so much easier for Daddy and I.

Your curiosity amazes us and while I could do without the climbing, I am learning it's a given with you.

Thank you for having such a great laugh..it is one of the best sounds I have ever heard.

Happy 1st Birthday Will. We love you!

monday meltdowns

I sometimes have days where I close my eyes and wish I was somewhere else, somewhere quiet. Today has been one of those days. We have been blessed with company for the better part of three weeks and I have let the kids schedules vary more than usual. I am totally paying for it now. We have had a string of rough nights and I don't think Jason and I have gotten more than 5 hours of combined sleep the past few days. We are both exhausted. This morning the children woke up with no guests to entertain and a missing Daddy, who had already left for work. The meltdowns began before breakfast and have steadily continued throughout the day. One child finishes and it seems the next fit begins immediately. Even Mr. Will , usually calm during the storm, has participated in the crying and whining today. They are currently all sleeping and I am praying they wake up in happy moods.