Monday, December 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - combined

1. Well we have managed to survive another year of funrun fundraising at our house.. barely. I am totally serious when I say that Bella is like living with the Kirby salesman during the week of the funrun. And in all seriousness, I would almost rather roll the dice with the door to door salesman. At least I know at some point he is leaving..

2. After gathering her pledges, I sent Bella to school with a word of caution one day. "This is it. Do not come home again asking me to call anyone else asking for anymore money. I don't care what they tell you, this is what I'm telling you." My friend tells me that they are like frat boys of fundraising and she isn't kidding because wouldn't you know my sweet obedient 6 year old walked in the door and said they told her she needed just one more pledge. Next year the week prior to the funrun you can find us at the beach. Or maybe Disneyworld..

3. Isabella entered a Christmas card contest at Poppy's plant three weeks ago. She had to draw a Christmas scene on an 8x10 sheet of paper and the contest was for anyone from three to ten years of age. We found out she got 2nd place!! She was so excited!!

4. We packed up our Halloween candy and took it to Mr. Rowe and his fireman this week. Will decided that the firemen could eat on their way to save the people in the fires and if you've been reading long enough, you know there is nobody better than Mr. Rowe as far as Will is considered.

5. To make Will's day even better, Mr. Rowe brought Will his very own fireman shirt. We can barely get it off of him. Mr. Rowe really hung the moon now..

6. Today at school our CD player didn't work. I told my kids I would have to sing our morning songs rather than listen to the CD like usual. One of my little boys said "Oh no that's terrible" I asked him what was wrong and he said, "well you can't sing but you sure are pretty". I love my job and the honesty of kids. They always make me laugh!!

7. My parents closed on their house last week. Yay!! So nice to have them less than five minutes away from us. We went over as soon as Bella got off of the bus today to take dinner and help with unpacking... so fantastic.

8. The kids went with my parents to Indiana for a Christmas party this weekend. They had a fabulous time and loved taking a road trip with Nene and Poppy.

9. Will sang in the choir performance before church on Sunday. I have to give it to him, he looked so cute singing and dancing up there. We were so proud of him!

10. Bella finally lost her top front tooth last week. It was literally just hanging on waiting to fall out. So disgusting. Last Thursday night, I told her it needed to come out and she finally just pulled it out with her bath towell. Finally!