Tuesday, September 23, 2008

for the love of Bear Bear.

Amelia has a special friend Bear Bear that I bought for her before she was even born. She received other stuffed animals and loveys but from the start Bear Bear has been "The One". She carries him tucked under her arm everywhere she goes. From the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep, Bear Bear is her ever faithful companion. If by chance she has set him down and suddenly remembers this fact, the search for Bear Bear frantically begins. In the middle of the night if she subconsciously feels he is not in her arms, she wakes up screaming his name and the search begins. Usually Mommy or Daddy have to provide middle of the night assistance in locating Bear Bear. I have even contemplated sewing him to her pajamas so I can get some much needed sleep again. Bear Bear's fur, once a soft ivory chamois is now permanently stained and crusty feeling and almost rubbed completely off on the ears. When Bear Bear receives a bath Amelia waits patiently in front of the washing machine watching him spin around and around. Because of her deep love/borderline obsession for this animal he is not allowed to leave the house and has been on very few outings. To the hospital for stitches and on each of our overnight trips where I watch that bear like he's one of my children. I know the drama that will occur if anything happens to her beloved bear. Even though she carries him around everyday I have very few good pictures of her with him. We did take Bear Bear to the photographer for her one year photographs and there is now a poster size picture of Amelia and Bear Bear in one of the malls.

Bear Bear and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that he is able to comfort Amelia and she has such a special bond with him. I love that this one stuffed animal can usually stop her tears as soon as Amelia sees him and he is in her arms. But it annoys me to no end having to explain why Bear Bear can't go outside, or take a bath or go to the mall. Every single day. Losing him is just too risky. We have two spare bears. They are still fluffy and snowy white, almost brand new. Purchased shortly after the noticeable attachment to Bear Bear began. I didn't want to imagine myself on eBay searching frantically and paying ridiculous amounts for a bear I originally only paid $20 for. $100 for a bear that stops a screaming child, buy it now. A bargain my friend. She takes the spare bears in extreme situations but has somehow always been able to tell the difference. I have said, only half joking, that I should take the spare bears outside, roll them in the mud and run over them with the car a few times. Maybe then they too will lose some fluff and be a little more crunchy..a little more loved. So here's to you Bear Bear. Thanks for comforting Amelia in her time of need and thanks for all the late night wake up calls.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Assume = ass out of u and me.

The kids and I were browsing in the children's section of Barnes and Noble this morning when I came across one my favorite types of people- the total morons. I told this woman that I really liked the bicycle that was attached to the back of her stroller..probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Her response - are you pregnant again? While I realize my six pack abs are probably a thing of the past after three c-sections I don't look pregnant either. I was seriously dumbfounded. I said no, I'm actually not pregnant. Mrs. Moron says well I just thought after three you were probably pregnant again. Not that you look pregnant or anything I just assumed you might be. And you probably shouldn't wear that shirt, it confuses people. First, the shirt in question is from JCrew hardly a staple for maternity clothing. Second, unless you are Trinny and Suz I doubt I'm going to take fashion advice randoms on the street.

Some people I just don't understand. I am used to the comments about Amelia and Will being so close in age but I have never once been asked if I am pregnant again. And to aggravate me even more..I still never found out where she got that bicycle.