Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. The girls returned with a ginormous Bullseye for Will. I'm talking 2.5 feet tall for him to ride around on. Just what everyone cowboy needs.

2. Drew also thinks this Bullseye belongs to him. He yells "Mine" as he grabs Will and drags him off the horse. I guess when you're the fourth child, there isn't much you're afraid of.

3. The girls returned from Nene's house with a box of books and 13 pairs of new shoes. Yep, you read that right. Thirteen.

4. I told Nene before she took the girls not to send them back with any "junk". I guess shoes and books do not qualify as "junk" to Nene. We don't call her NeneClaus for nothing.

5. Drew woke up at 5:50 on Saturday morning. Drew. The same kid who we wake up Monday - Friday at 6:20 and rolls over in his bed giving us the skunk eye and says, No, no, NOOOOO.

6. He was less than pleasant and I was ready for him to go back to bed at 7:15AM. When he unloaded the dirty dishes in the dishwasher for the second time he bought himself an early nap at 12:20.

7. Spring Break!!! Panama City!!! is in full effect here.

8. Jason returned from class last week and told me he offered one of the college girls our guest room. She's looking for a new place to live and apparently wasn't so excited about rooming with a 20 month old..that now wakes up at 5:50.
I mean what doesn't sound appealing about that?

9. I was cursed with rolling veins. While I am aware that I'm not a nurse, these veins have been rolling around for a good twelve years. I assure you they aren't going to sit still for "the one stick wonder". I also can tell you that everytime someone tells me they are "one stick wonder" I'm assured a good three sticks just for fun. Three if I'm lucky..

10. I found out on facebook yesterday that my cousin has colon cancer. He's in his early 40s and he's pretty optimistic about it. I have huge family and we don't see them very often anymore. When I was explaining which cousin it was to Jason, his response "oh the really nice, quiet one". It kind of made me laugh because we are a lot of things but my family is not quiet except for him.
Cancer doesn't discriminate. Cancer sucks. Praying for peace and strength buddy.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. "We're all indians Mommy and you can be the cowgirl." - Will age 3

2. Bella's reading is improving every single day. She reads her library book when she comes home from school every day and she is now in charge of reading the bedtime stories to her brothers and sister.

3. Bella is on spring break this week and took an impromptu trip to Nene and Poppy's house. They found out Saturday she was out of school for the week and drove down Sunday to pick her up. I'm sure she's having a great time being an only child for the week.

4. It's spring break and I sent my kid to her grandmother's house with homework and books to read. Hopefully she's doing it every single day :)

5. Amelia was so hysterical about not being included in the week long get away that we sent her too.

6. We're back in a man-to-man defense for the first time since 2006. I think we could do this with one arm tied behind our back and half asleep people.

7. Amelia's beloved Bear-bear did not make the trip to Nene's house. Ugh-oh. Seriously, Amelia hasn't slept without Bear-bear since 2006 :) It might make for an interesting night for Nene and Poppy.

8. Will has asked several times to go to "the Ohio" maybe a we do have a future Buckeye on our hands.

9. Drew loves to be outside. If he wants outside, he brings you his shoes and your own and stands, beating on the back door yelling "side, side".

10. Drew also finally made huge progress last week and asks for a drink rather than just crying until he's blue in the face and we have followed him around the entire house trying to figure out what he wants. He now simply says "drink". Communication is an amazing, wonderful thing!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


My girls love art. They love it. Painting, drawing, creating. Every day during naptime Amelia goes upstairs and draws and colors multiple pictures. Every day when Bella comes home from school she begins drawing too. Today, this is what we found.

I should point out, that Amelia gets in trouble the least around here. She hasn't yet found her sassiness. She's so afraid of getting in trouble, not to mention emotional anyway, we usually only have to tell her one time to do things. She is honestly, very rarely in timeout which makes this pictures very funny. That and the high heels, which I pull out of the closet Sunday mornings only. Mostly because I'm too lazy to get my pants hemmed.

learning little

1) This kid gets whatever he wants from his sisters.
2) This is probably why my kids can locate and navigate youtube by the time they are three.

my two little dancers

this first picture shows how Amelia really feels about that dance costume.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Before you send out the search dogs, yes I know it's Wednesday and I am a slacker.

2. I believe that Joy is a choice. You may not choose when you're going to get promoted at work, or the current state of our economy, or enjoy paying $3.49 for one gallon of gas. Buy you wake up every day and choose whether or not you are going to be happy. I choose not to be friends with the Drama Llama's and Negative Nancy's of the world.

3. When you start feeling sorry for yourself read this story of survival:
and remember to be grateful for the things and people in your life that you do have..

4. Will has gotten a little bit fancy with his dancing in music class. Last Friday he danced around the room with his little friend Miss K and decided to actually dip her twice.

5. I knew eventually Will would take the departure of his favorite Sunday school teacher, who just had a baby, kicking and screaming. He woke up ready to see Miss Robin, only to be told for the 6th week in a row that his buddy would not be greeting him. His response "Is that baby NOT bigger yet?"

6. I've got two words for dance pictures on Friday night. Hot mess. I pulled Amelia's costume out of the bag and she threw and ever-loving fit. It has tights, a bowtie, sequins, ears, fur, gloves. She told her teacher Monday morning, I have to wear that thing one more time and I never have to see it again. My thoughts exactly sister.

7. Drew continues to blow kisses by clicking and clucking his tongue really loudly. I really need to get it on video soon because when he actually starts kissing people it's going to be a sad day for Mama.

8. Jason's spring break is in two weeks and he put "SPRING BREAK PANAMA CITY!!" on our calendar. I'm thinking he can work on that tan by landscaping those flower beds or something equally as super.

9. Bella lost her second tooth last week and it took me several days to find it. In case you're wondering, Amelia is still terrified of flying fairies.

10. Last week for Dr. Suess week at school Bella had to dress up like her favorite word. She chose apparrel and the only thing I could think of was Joey Tribiani and an episode of friends where he said "could I be wearing anymore clothes."