Sunday, September 20, 2009


I bet most of you saw that headline and thought she is pregnant..again! In the past that would be correct but this time it is a different kind of news. We have made some pretty big decisions recently and I finally have a second to share the news.

Jason and I have decided to stay here for school and hopefully beyond. Shocking, considering how much I love the weather here, right? We had hoped to move home for Jason to attend graduate school but we found out that he is only allowed a maximum of 18 months to complete his masters. OSU is a 2 year program and I don't want to go through the hassle of two additional moves for 18 months. The kids love it here and I hate to uproot them unless we absolutely have to. After weighing all the pros and cons, we decided to stay here but move into town. I'm very tired of the 20-30 minute drive required to get to every activity and don't care for the school system we are currently zoned for.

We listed our house last Friday. We are hoping for a quick sale (isn't everyone?) so we don't have to deal with the added stress of trying to sell a house. So far it has been a lot of extra work and I mean A LOT. William Wonder Boy is not so big on cleanliness these days. He likes to empty the toy boxes and book shelves several times a day and pull entire shelving units out of closets onto the floor. Jason met with the builder again today and we are going to have several meetings in the next few weeks designing our new house. The builder requires that everything is finalized before he even breaks ground. I'm very excited but also slightly overwhelmed with all the details and decisions we have to make.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the shortest fishing trip ever

This past weekend we were supposed to go fishing with the Baileys. We arrived at the river, made it on to the boat and just after the fishing poles came out, I got sick. I have always been prone to motion sickness and sitting on a docked boat in the water and horrible humidity was awful. To make it even better, Drew was also miserable and screamed the entire time. The trip didn't go as planned and we packed up soon after we arrived. The kids really enjoyed fishing and were very sad we had to leave. Bella has already asked to go fishing again and asked me if I could just stay at home with Drew.

Monday, September 7, 2009

boat ride with the Baileys

Jason took the kids to the river today to meet the Baileys. I stayed home with Drew to finish my kid's sale stuff. It has taken me days to get it ready and my fingers are actually blistered from safety pinning all the tags on. Jason is dropping everything off tomorrow and I am hoping to make some money. I will say that all this work has made me realize my kids have a lot of clothing. And they have way too many toys. Even after I cleaned out all the toy boxes (all = 3) and donated another two boxes to charity. We still have toys in the toy room, under the beds and in all of the closets. Too many toys. I think Santa may be re-gifting this Christmas. Anyways, back to the boat ride. The Bailey's bought a beautiful boat a few weeks ago and this was the first weekend they were able to put it in the water. Bella and Amelia said they had so much fun and can't wait to take another ride on the MonkeyBusiness.
Scotty..so happy to finally be in the water.

Auntie June and Amelia

the kissing bandit

Will is a big fan of kisses. He loves to plant one on me first thing in the morning. He also likes to get his sisters. Bella usually cooperates. Amelia sometimes plays hard to get and refuses his kisses. Her protests only make him more determined. A friend of mine took these pictures on our last trip home. I think we are in trouble...

and he struck again at the aquarium when he planted one on Lana.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

visit to the aquarium

We went to the aquarium this weekend with the Baileys and Burkes. We had quite an entourage and everyone had a great time.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

this one's for Jeff

This week has been a total blur. Our schedule is packed full and there are days that we are constantly on the move. It makes the week go by very quickly. When I actually have a minute to sit down to write, I draw a complete blank. I know some of you have been looking for me and I will try to post more often. Sometimes those bonbons are just too tempting :)
Here are a few highlights...

Had a great playdate with Bella's friend from soccer/school and his little sister.

Bella had another soccer game. Attempting to keep six four year olds focused on a soccer game for an hour is pretty much like herding cats. They run in opposite directions, complain that it's too hot, would rather be climbing trees, doing cartwheels on the field (Bella) or crawling around pretending to be puppies.

Took Drew to the pediatrician's office. (I feel like we live at the pediatrician's office.) He had horrible chest congestion and a cough that was getting worse. Diagnosis: Bronchiolitis and an ear infection. Awesome. Nothing like your first antibiotic and albuterol at seven weeks old.

Increased Drew's reflux medicine to twice a day and saw significant improvement.

Will is showing a lot of interest in the potty. Bella got him up from his nap Tuesday and he walked out of the room, to the toilet and removed his diaper and used the toilet. He is making progress but I'm not sure if he's totally there just yet.

Saw a small snake in the stairwell of the girls' school. I am terrified of snakes regardless of the size. I managed not to scream and maneuver 2 toddlers over the snake and up the stairs while holding Drew.

Purchased another new baby swing. This is our FOURTH swing and I'm beginning to think these things are complete junk. Of course the only one I could find that did not require batteries in the style I liked is pink. So Drew is rocking out in his pink baby swing. In his pink room. Can you tell he is our fourth child?

Took all four kids to the grocery store. A huge accomplishment considering I despise grocery shopping and three kids helping only makes it that much more fun.

We hope that everyone enjoys the holiday weekend!!