Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the little chef

When Jason and I got married, I was not exactly Betty Crocker. I had survived for years on take out, frozen pizzas and Cocoa Pebbles. I could make strawberry pie and meatballs. Lucky Jason. After watching me make them a few times, Jason told me that making meatballs did not count as cooking. After six years my dinner line up has expanded and improved and Jason is thrilled that at five, Bella is showing an interest in cooking. The other night he was making lasagna and she asked to help. Maybe by the time she gets married she'll be making meatballs from scratch instead of mixing the frozen ones in a crockpot with some jelly and cocktail sauce.

keeping up with the times

The kids received gift cards from their Uncle Zheff and Aunt Candy for Christmas and decided they wanted to purchase a Wii. They had also saved some birthday money from their great aunts and uncles and bought some video games and accessories. The Wii arrived just in time for the big snow storm and we have been playing our little hearts out ever since. The girls love to "accessorize" their Mii's. Bella is the best bowler in our family and bowled a 136 and a 147 the past two games (she has even beaten her daddy). Amelia woke me up screaming for Princess Peach last week on my one day to sleep in. I do not like to be woken up by loud noises. Especially on my only day to sleep in. For a video game. Seriously!?

Saturday, January 9, 2010


For those of you that know me best you know that my memory is outstanding. I remember all too the clearly the crazy antics of my friends and I, some we would like to forget, before we were wives and mothers. I can remember the exact outfits Jason and I were wearing and how he was standing on the day I met him. I have always said for me, losing my memory would be the worst thing possible. Other than the obvious of course. Most of you also know that I have always had migraines and they have gotten worse through college and after. With each passing child they have gotten unbearable. After Will, I finally had to go on a daily preventative medicine and the main side effect is memory loss. The migraines returned after Drew. They usually happened about once a week and started affecting my vision among other things. I would be somewhere and couldn't drive home or remember one of the kids' names. Scary. I got so stressed about when the next one was going to happen and I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. I obviously needed the medication.

I'm not writing this so you feel sorry for me or worry about me. I am FINE. I just want you to be aware that I may seem a little different right now and I just wanted to try and explain why. I'm a lot more forgetful. (Yesterday I locked myself out of my own email because I couldn't remember the new password from enter to re-confirm.) I may ask the same question 7 times. My spelling is horrible and certain words aren't always caught by spellcheck. I know how to spell, I promise. My blogs might not make sense the first time you read them and I may have to do some editing later. I might quit talking mid-sentence because I lost my train of thought or can't think of the word I wanted to use. My body will adjust to the medicine in time and my memory will get a little better. For right now please be patient with me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

only in the south

do you wake up and this..
means that school is canceled.
If you look really closely (I'm talking strain your eyes closely) you might actually see a little accumulation.

Seriously!? A snow cancellation? This is not snow.