Monday, October 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. This week one of Will's little friends said, I'm going to marry you Will. Will, as serious as can be replied: I'm already married to Chloe. You have to marry someone else.

2. Will told his Daddy when he was helping him cook dinner that "Chloe is the love of his life" I tell Will he is the love of my life in case you're wondering who he hears that from.

3. I'm not sure when we willl stop talking about Chloe like Will just sat and played with her this afternoon, but it's going to be a sad day for this mama.

4. Amelia is learning letter sounds every week at school. I asked her before school the other morning if she wanted to wear a dress and she responded with "Ja-Ja-Ja-jeans please."

5. It's fall and in the fall I get to hear one of my favorite songs ever. Mr Turkey Big and Fat. The Drew Ross rendition is just about the cutest thing I've ever heard.

6. Drew also had a birthday party at school this week. A birthday party in two year old land is a b.i.g deal of fun. So much fun that Drew sang Happy Birthday to me for two days after the party.

7. We began our fall break this week.. Will and Amelia headed to Nene's Ohio house for hopefully the last time. Yay!!

8. Bella is enjoying the extra time alone with Jason and I. We have gone out to lunch, for icecream, met her at school for lunch and went to the PTA meeting - something she always requests. I asked her if she was having a good week and she said Yes! I get all this time to myself, I don't have to share the TV and by the time they come home, Drewbie is going to like me the best!

9. After two days of two kids, Jason and I are a little shocked by how easy two kids are. We would be totally bored as a family of four but it really is a nice little vacation..

10. Nene and Poppy signed papers on their house this weekend!! YAY!! They will be moved in hopefully the first weekend in December! We are so blessed and so excited to have them here with us soon!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

remembering you..

When I was little I spent every weekend at my grandparents in the summer and several nights through the week. I don't see these little creatures very often but when I do, I think of my Papa. They were always in his backyard and around side deck. Sometimes he had them in jars with ventilation and I'll be honest, they were not my favorite. In all actuality I was terrified of them. I can remember my Papa telling me that female ate the head off of the male and that was enough for me! I was terrified of them eating me. And oh yeah, they are super ugly.
Fast forward to my freshman year of high school and we had to collect 100 species of dead bugs and identify them. We got bonus points for Praying Mantis but we had to bring them in alive, in a jar. Just like my Papa. No thanks.. I haven't seen one since high school thankfully.
Tonight I went out on the deck after dinner and what's on the BBQ waiting for me? You guessed it, a little praying mantis. Two things happened. I immediately thought of my papa and I reacted like I saw a python on the deck. Yes, it was little but yes, I still hate them. Guess who loves the little guy?
Drewbie really liked the little guy and played with him for several minutes. Until he jumped on his motorcycle for a ride. Then he grabbed the praying mantis, threw him on the ground and said "NO motorcycle!!" and gave him a pretty mean skunk eye. He didn't want anything to do with him after that either. Can't say I blame him..those things are ugly!!