Thursday, May 28, 2009

flying solo

The girls are on vacation with my parents for two weeks in Ohio. They are having so much fun with Nene and Poppy. Will misses them tremendously. He looks for them first thing every morning and throughout the day. The girls usually do whatever their baby brother wants and Will is having a hard time adjusting to being by himself. Other than an hour here and there he hasn't been by himself since he was a week old. Mommy isn't as much fun as his two big sisters. The only thing I think he is enjoying alone is his bath. He loves the extra room and lays down each night in the bathtub.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

dance recital

Bella's dance recital was this weekend. She loves dance and would go every day if she was allowed. They have been practicing for months and she asks me at least once a week if it's time to go on the big stage. The recital was wonderful and other than waiting in the dressing room for her turn, Bella had SO much fun.
dress rehearsal, the night before

with her teacher

some of the reindeer

"I'm tired of waiting. This is ridiculous."

all smiles after the show

Monday, May 18, 2009

peace, love and crabs

A wise woman once told me that as a mother, I would learn to pick my battles. It is a lesson that I learned rather quickly. Clothing is a major sticking point with both my girls. I think it is important that they are allowed to develop a sense of independence and express individuality and their own sense of style. Even at 4 and 2. Bella and Amelia choose each day what they want to wear. Some days it matches, some days it does not. There are absolutely no mid-day outfit changes in this house so they better like it enough to wear it all day. Since I have adopted and explained this policy to them, they don't put up much of a fight on the days that their clothing options are non-negotiable. You have probably heard about or seen Bella's striped dresses in person. If you've seen us out and about recently or seen any pictures of Amelia then you already know what she's most likely wearing. Her "rainbow shirt" and of course, her "potty shoes" (we never leave the house without those on our feet).

Ahh yes, a tie dyed t-shirt from Joe's Crab Shack. I'm sure you're all jealous. Jason picked this up on a business trip and Amelia totally fell in love with it. She has even taken over Will's shirt so she can wear this lovely ensemble 3-4 times a week. This is one of those battles I have chosen to let her win. I just can't compete with Joe's and sparkly shoes.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

Bella made me this magnetic noteboard at preschool for Mother's Day. She decorated the wrapping paper herself. We hope all the mothers we know had a wonderful Mother's Day!

giddy up

Jason had the day off today and the kids were super excited. This is how I found them right after breakfast this morning.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

she buzzed my baby

One of my least favorite things about the military is having to find a new hair stylist every time we move. I am extremely particular about hair and it's usually stressful to find someone I trust and feel comfortable with. It usually takes me several appointments before I actually relax and know that I am not going to walk out of the salon with dark brown hair and red highlights. (An actual experience that I still have nightmares about.) My pickiness about hair also applies to the children. The girls go to my stylist and we have tried several for Mr Will. The only locations I absolutely love and am pleased with the actual result are in Columbus. There is an awesome kids salon there with personal televisions for each station and airplanes, school buses and tractors to sit in. While we schedule an appointment every time we are home, seven hours is a little too far to drive for a haircut.

I was super excited when a kid's salon opened up here and couldn't wait to take Will. I thought it would be just like the ones at home. The salon itself is awesome. Will's haircuts on the other hand have gone from bad to worse. The first time Jason took him and it was way to short. This time I took him and sat there in total shock as I see his already short hair becoming even shorter. I asked for a "fade" with hair long enough to comb over on top. What I walked out with was a $17 buzz cut that I could have done at home myself. Jason has always said the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is two weeks. I think it will be a solid eight before his hair is long enough to even need combed.
Here's my happy little guy. I think he's only smiling because he doesn't know she shaved his head.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

visitor's week at dance

This week was visitor's week at dance class. Class is always closed to parents throughout the year and we only have two specified weeks to see what the girls are learning. The girls are always a little bit wilder during visitor's week because they are used to a closed door. Bella absolutely loves dance and I think she would go every day if she could. I can see definite improvement since the beginning of the year. The recital is in two weeks and Bella is super excited already. She has perfected her curtsy and did it after everything she did in class yesterday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

future aviator?

Nothing too exciting has been happening around our house lately. I feel like we are under quarantine from this ridiculous flu and everything has been closed. We are also in the middle of monsoon season and have been stuck indoors listening to the lovely tornado sirens and watching for flood warnings. There are only so many crafts you can do, toys you can play with and movies you can watch after 4 days of constant rain. Ahh, good times for everyone.

Sunday we headed to Nashville for the day and attended a convention with Jason. He had told the girls there would be tons of helicopters for them to look at and sit in. I think it is important for the girls to understand what Daddy actually does on a daily basis and see what the many trips he takes are like. I must say, we picked the wrong convention to attend. The convention is at Opryland and the hotel itself is spectacular. The girls were amazed by the indoor fountains, boat rides and scenery in general. When we actually entered the convention hall and they saw all the helicopters, free gifts and candy it was like they were at Disney World. Bella absolutely loved the helicopters and particularly enjoyed "flying" the Apache. At each new station she excitedly asked if she could fly this one too. Amelia didn't want to sit in any helicopters and would only allow Jason to lift her up to look inside. She is a total Daddy's girl and hasn't been a big fan of all the traveling and working late that is happening lately.

Will was quite the character as usual. While we were in Jason's booth, talking to his colleagues Will managed to drop a "drool bomb" all over the front of Daddy. Jason's pants were totally soaked and it looked like he had an accident. (I think he now understands why I always leave the house with extra clothes for myself and each child.) Will was also given a gigantic bouncy ball that lights up when you bounce it. The man that gave it to him showed him how to make it light up. I knew we were in trouble by how deep the dimple became when Will smiled. No sooner was that ball in his hand and he fired it across the conference room. Jason went running after Will and his new toy and the man stood there in shock. He was a little embarrassed and kept apologizing, saying he didn't think he would actually throw the ball. Will is not most children. He is also very coordinated for a 17 month old and didn't just give the ball a little toss. We were just relieved he didn't hit something or someone.

Jason returned to finish out the conference solo this morning. After he left, Bella asked me when she could go on another trip with Daddy. She wants to sleep in that fancy hotel, take an indoor boat ride, eat candy all day and fly all the helicopters again. In her eyes this is now a typical trip, typical day in the life of Daddy :)