Saturday, September 8, 2012

a random post

1. I'm not sure how much time I have for blogging. I know, I know. I'm doing my best to get from here to there and everywhere.

2. We are back in school - Praise the Lord - and loving it.

3. Fall schedule is in full effect and I'm not quite sure what I was thinking when I signed up for all these classes. If you need me you're literally going to have to catch me until November.

4. Today I went grocery shopping and my cart was kidnapped when I leaned over to inspect some fruit. Really? Who walks off without checking the shopping cart you're pushing. I had to search the store for 5 minutes chasing Mr. Speed Shopper who was 4 aisles over.

5. We played three back to back soccer games today. Our typical Saturday :) The last one entirely in the rain. It totally reminded me of my running days.

6. Only two teams stuck it out on the upper fields, the rest called their games and literally ran for it. I'm not sure if we are just that die hard of soccer parents and grandparents or if we all believe what I grew up hearing "it's just rain, you're not going to melt"

7. Will scored three goals. I might sprinkle him with water every game.

8. Amelia has adjusted seamlessly to kindergarten. No tears, no drama. It's like she has gone her entire life. Now if I could just get that kid to read all would be well :)

9. Bella takes a big test every week. This week we practiced spelling words every day. On the third day, Bella said "I am tired of practicing these words all the time. You make me do this every single day." Second grade is harder than the previous two. Third grade scares me.

10. Amelia finally stood her ground with her little brother today. He wanted the beloved Bear Bear at bedtime and she said "No". He cried, she still said "no". She never, ever tells that kid no. He went to bed bawling and she felt terrible. I could tell she conflicted on what to actually do. Give away her bear or let Drew cry. I had to tell her that it's okay to sometimes look out for yourself. And this was one of those times..

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